This week is the reason why I have an emergency fund!

March 29th 5:10PM:

My first time in a motor vehicle accident Was not a pleasant one. I came to a stop at an intersection and the car behind me was rear ended into my car. I hit my head and strained my back. The damage appeared to be minor and everyone walked away. I was just nursing some neck pain until the migraine hit me.


Emergency Room visit!

After driving to the Urgent care and seeking some assistance, we were told that their clinic won’t accept my private medical insurance for being seen for a motor vehicle accident. I had to use the car insurance or cash only. So we opted to go to the ER.

The ER said they would take our private insurance if the vehicle insurance failed to pay. I was treated well and received a CT scan and xrays. Everything was normal and I was sent home with a pain meds script and a diagnosis of acute neck strain and back strain with head injury. So I took the scripts to the pharmacy.

Possible Co-payment: $61.

March 30th 12:00am:

I noticed as I was lying into bed after taking my meds that I was having rapid consciousness loss and I shouldn’t be this tired. I suddenly had a panic attack as I realized that during my previous visit to the ER, I had such a migraine that I forgot to tell the doctor about some other meds I was taking. I did a quick drug interactions search and found a major interaction between the prior prescribed meds and the new ones. Major as in can result in death when taken together.

So I wake up my wife and the kids and we scurry over to the ER with all of my meds this time. After some reassurance and vitals the doctor told me that I didn’t take enough to cause death. They didn’t even take blood or start an IV line. She stated that I would experience the equivalent effect of 12 mixed drinks. I would be hung over (which I was) but otherwise okay! I was quickly discharged.

If insurance covers, possible co-payment: $61.


Discovery of an Insurance lapse! The Pharmacy told us that our insurance had been canceled. So the last few procedures my wife had (totaling $3,000+) was not covered and neither were the pain meds. I asked how much cash and it came out to $20. So I paid cash and kept the receipt.

Total un-budgeted emergencies: $142!

Total possible liability: $3,000+!

We called the medical insurance company and they worked with us. We paid for a year of premiums in advance and they accepted it as if no lapse occurred. $556!

Total un-budgeted emergencies: $698!


April 2nd All-day:

At-fault Insurance company not wanting to pay for my no-fault claim! So I call my insurance company and was given the option of paying my deductible ($500) for the collision claim or continuing to deal with the at-fault drivers insurance. Since I’m already out $698 from my budget that I haven’t accounted for this month, I have to continue to try and deal with this issue myself. I feel that I may just pay the $500 and get them to help me out!

Total un-budgeted emergencies: $1,198!

April 3rd 9:00PM:

Our dogs ocular emergency!

We end up having a dog eye injury. We go the Vet ER with our dog Luna. She was playing around our son and my wife and my wife went to move her away from our son. Just as she placed her hand to move her, the dog twitched into her mildly long fingernail and tore a flap of the eyes surface membrane up and away. It’s still connected and it seems to have moved back into place.

The vet checked her out and gave us a high estimate of $330. My head hurts.

Luckily it was only $220. the vet tells us to keep monitoring her. There’s a strong possibility that she may develop further eye problems that require more treatment.

Total un-budgeted emergencies: $1,418.

During this week, I’ve also had to call around to my car insurance company, the at-fault drivers insurance company, the middle cars insurance company, two different hospital ERs, multiple emergency Vets, medical offices, dealership, body shops, trusted friends and advisers, and my spouse to keep he up to speed. That is in addition to the real estate agent who still hasn’t sold our home in NY trying to sell our house.

The one thing that has been the greatest safety net during this time is my cash emergency fund. It keeps a buffer between me and Murphy’s Law. I highly recommend you have one!

Start with $1,000 in a separate savings account. Keep it available! When you’re not paying off and debts, build on that initial find and make a fund of 6 months worth of living expenses. It’s worth it!

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