How did I get into this?

So as I’ve stated in my first blog, I retired from the US Army in December of 2014. I have many disabilities that include physical as well as mental limitations. So how did I get into the stay at home dad scene?

We moved to Virginia to start a new set of family roots and better opportunities. When we left, we thought that we sold our house in New York. We even had a loan commitment letter stating that the buyers lender was committed to the sale. So by all accounts we just needed to move out to finalize the sale. Well we did our part and me moved out, cleaned up, and set aside the keys for the new owner. But the buyers mortgage company decided to cancel the loan for unknown reasons. After the buyer tried to get a new mortgage company to finance her purchase, that fell through as well. So now the house is sitting on the market in the middle of winter when most buyers don’t look for homes.

Since we now have an apartment and a mortgage to pay for, as well as the electric and heating for both places, in order to stay afloat my wife needed to get a job. That left me at home to be the homemaker. I’m totally cool with that as I bring in a significant source of income from the VA and my retirement.

My basic duties are:

⁃ Dishes

⁃ Laundry

⁃ Cleaning

⁃ Finances

⁃ Dogs care

⁃ Son’s child care

⁃ Some of the shopping

There is a lot of free time during the day and for those hours I’m just watching my son, I spend time studying, self improvement, reflection, and working on my disabilities (yoga, stretching, reading, meditation, etc.).

My schedule looks something like this:


Wake up and prepare the daughter for school.


Arrive at the bus stop.




Conduct general cleaning of the house (whatever was left out from the night before).


Start breakfast for myself (I do intermittent fasting).


Tablet / Electronics time for my son.


Leave to get daughter off the bus.

3:50PM – 4:20PM

The bus is so inconsistent that this time is either spent waiting at the bus stop or cooking dinner for the kids and wife.

Some days:


Head to the gym with the kids.

5:00PM – 6:00PM

Conduct my workout either with or without the wife.

6:00PM – 7:30PM

Swimming with the family at the gym.


Finish up dinner and prepare for bed.


Kid’s bedtime.

10:00PM – 11:00PM

Our bedtime.

I’m thinking of coming up with a new schedule that has more structure and alone time for the adults. I’ll update it in a later post.

So that’s how I got into this and what I’m essentially doing now. If you’re curious about what I read for self improvement, please check out my reading list. Thanks for reading!

Stay strong parents!

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