The Journey Begins!

This journey actually began in late 2014. However I’ve just recently become the stay at home father while the wife goes off to earn a living. We’ve recently moved to Virginia and she found employment with an Eye Doctor in the area.

So what is my background? I’m a Medically Retired U.S. Army Combat Veteran and I receive 100% Disability from the VA and a portion of my retirement from the Army.

I see this as a huge blessing and I am immensely grateful for the systems that were in place to help me through my injuries and disabilities to allow me to stay home and raise my kids.

“The quality of a mans life, is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regardless of his chosen field of endeavor.” – Vince Lombardi

This journey and blog will follow my adventures in my new mission: Being a stay-at-home dad! How will I handle the everyday tasks? How will I cope with my disabilities and raising children together? Tune in and find out!

If you have suggestions, feel free to comment them. I hope to find other like me that can aid me on my journey!

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